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Runescape NEWS and cheapest rs 3 god online

 buy runescape gold to Improved and build yours team more stronger online , the map web page to show the areas of helpful shops Added a 'who's 
playing' web page so it is possible to see if your buddies are on Made Lumbridge protected to offer a 
spot to hide from player killers Enhanced the shops to lessen queueing Reduced 
the network requirements so the game functions more than far more connections Fixed a lot of 
small problems  bugs with the game to produce it a great deal more reliable
What's planned
Scimitar shop: Obtain and sell curvy swords  Furnace: Hassle free for smelting ore 
in the desert  Silk trader: Obtain silk right here and sell it in Varrock for a 
profit.The quantity you make will depend on how a variety of other people are silk trading.  
General shop: One more location to get and sell your products  Platemail Legs shop: A 
complete range of leg armour to spend your funds on  Kebab shop: Consuming kebabs includes a 
random effect. They're normally fine, but rumour has it that a number of of them are a 
bit dodgy. They will in no way kill you even though
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New Quest in Draynor Manor
Draynor Manor has been opened and there is spooky items inside! There's a vampire 
asleep in the cellar, and Professor Oddenstein who lives inside the attic has 
accidently turned an individual into a chicken! To make factors worse gremlins have 
hidden the parts of his machine, so he can not turn the chicken back. Are you able to locate 
the missing pieces to complete this quest    Plus over the past two weeks we've also
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